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Shares hit the reservoir timber logistics industry, a new mo
Release time:2017-08-25 17:04:32
    Shares will be in storage at the Hong Kong main board listed Qifeng Wood established a strategic partnership to provide them, including settlement and supervision of warehouse storage systems, freight charge financing service system, logistics and distribution system, including a package of services. 
    Reserve in shares (600,787 shares of it, market, information, the main transaction) October 28 announcement that the company will work with the Hong Kong main board listed Qifeng International Wood Co., Ltd. (01228) the establishment of strategic partnership, to provide, including cross - close supervision of warehouse and storage system, cargo charge financing service system, logistics and distribution system, including a package of services. 
    Under the agreement, the company will serve as the designated third-party settlement services business, according to Qifeng wood tray market for electronic trading of goods required for settlement by using its existing freight yard, warehouses, outlets and facilities for the CTEX traders trading of goods delivery revenue service. The two sides will cooperate to establish CTEX monitoring storage system. Meanwhile, shares of the reservoir will also serve as an independent regulatory side cargo charge, in order to CTEX dealer freight charge financing to financial institutions provide third-party monitoring services, and to provide a rail, highways and other modes of transport as a link, covering the whole country, radiation integrated logistics service network at home and abroad. 
    Announcement shows that the field of forestry in China Qifeng Wood has a wealth of business experience. Between its Qifeng Qianyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. to establish and manage a block of wood in our country the only electronic trading market - China's Wood e-marketplace (the "CTEX"). CTEX Since its inception, with the government, banks and foreign-related institutions, to build the "Electronic Transactions + storage + spot market supervision," the innovative business model, successfully resolved the traditional high cost of wood in circulation, financing difficulties, the channel narrow, asymmetric information, no assurance of quality problems, with a broad market.