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Nanxun Wood "bull" Ben "like" Dance
Release time:2017-08-25 17:04:15
    Huzhou Online News "This floor paint such a bright, almost Zuohuo," and "coins have no trace of planning, the floor finish relying on jail" ... ... a few days ago, in Nanxun Shiyou Timber Co., Ltd., its produce on the floor Customers who come here to visit amazed, with a large procurement contracts are followed. "World of Friends of Wood," chairman of Ni Fangrong confidently say that the quality and integrity, as the province's first demonstration enterprises, improve product quality, is "World of Friends of Wood" In the current tight macroeconomic situation and still get the recipe for rapid development of . Now in Nanxun, quality, credibility-building have become wood flooring companies every conscious action, at present the region 175 finished wood flooring companies, already 75% of businesses take the initiative to join the "quality assurance" as the theme of the wooden floor Alliance the implementation of the standard range. 
    After more than 20 years of market baptism Nanxun Wood, handed over this year is a beautiful answer sheet. The existing wood flooring manufacturers 380 (including finished flooring manufacturers 175), with annual sales of 13.0 billion (of which 500 million yuan with annual sales of enterprises with more than 4; 2 billion of business 15), annual production of more than 8,000 million square meters, solid wood flooring to the domestic market share of more than 60%, the whole enterprise has Su-board flooring production line processing of more than 380 articles, splashing paint production lines more than 200 articles and has been formed from upstream raw materials to end products, a complete industrial chain and product marketing network.