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Power Dekor health, environmental value chain strategy one s
Release time:2017-08-25 17:04:51
     Product system, industrial chain systems together to build a healthy and environmental value chain system, Power Dekor Group's future success as a world-class wood industry group's new strategy of market consumption value chain. Power Dekor Group, Mr. Guo Hui, executive vice president, attended the 2009 Environmental Protection Department of Environment and Green Economic Development Forum, told reporters. 
     In fact, Power Dekor Group's development is relying on consumer and environmental protection in a healthy growing economy booming and growing, 15 years ago, consumer health and the environment is only just formed and gradually accepted by the market, it is the first in China to Power Dekor the introduction of the product system, laminated flooring, when the environmental assessment is 1 cubic meter of logs can produce 80 square meters of laminate flooring traditional solid wood flooring out of the ordinary rate of 8-10 times the timber, this product is now occupied wooden floor of more than 60% market share, annual sales of more than 200 million square meters, which is the environmental value chain. 
     Today, Power Dekor is still adhering to the health and environmental protection industries in the chain system of innovative products, the new solid wood is the Power Dekor in the new historical period for the solid wood flooring to create a new class health environmental protection system is the Power Dekor the environmental value of the new Health chain strategy, an important component. Implementation of the E0-class international high standard of health is to join the international forest legitimate acquisition Union, adopt international advanced manufacturing technology to improve product stability and timber utilization rate is the Power Dekor new solid wood three-story, multi-layer, solid wood floor structure, the salient features. 
In the October 15, 2009 by the National Environmental Protection Department and Environmental Protection Department of Environment and Development Center in China marks the 15th anniversary commemoration of the environment, on approval by the State Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Department of Environment and Development Center awarded Power Dekor Group and other 10 key domestic industry Enterprise "Award for outstanding contributions to China's environmental labeling." 
     This award is by far the state Department of Environmental Protection industries and enterprises in the country "Product excellent health indicators and the environmental behavior excellent" overall efficiency of the highest quality certified company evaluation. That assessment is based on the Environmental Protection Department of China environmental labeling certification objective criteria and business daily's assessment of the economic activities of the green made.