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Jiashan Wood Industry leading brands to accelerate forward
Release time:2017-08-25 17:03:37
    More than 127 county-scale wood enterprises, of which 33 scale furniture and flooring business, a production value of 1.486 billion yuan in the first half of this year, an increase of 7%, accounting for the entire wood industry output value of more than half. In the development of economic sectors Jiashan Wood road is getting wider and wider, while the Jiashan Wood Industry development and expansion of the road will also Jiashan Wood's brand strategy success. 
    Jiashan Wood started in the last century 80's, was economic circles as the "zero-resource economy," a typical, but also block the development of characteristics of our province's economic success stories. In recent years, had "third world, there are one" in Jiashan Wood Industry faces profit decline in the growth rate decline in new challenges. 
    "In the face plate processing industry faced with the difficulties and problems, we need to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading strategy for Wood, increase business to cultivate their own ability to create brand and enhance the ability to resist risks." Jiashan Commerce and Industry Bureau official said. 
    Brand is the company's assets in recent years, the implementation of Jiashan county government has introduced a series of corporate brand strategy, brand building to support enterprises from the policy. Jiashan combination of Trade and Industry Bureau "100 100 private enterprises in industrial and commercial cadres 'school to send to help promote'," "brand service into the private enterprises" and other activities to a series of preferential policies brand building rewards and incentives delivered to the various wood companies enable enterprises to keep abreast of the latest policies and regulations also provided guidance to enterprises in trademark registration, and guide enterprises to tap the potential of trademark brands, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. 
     Jiashan Wood Industry to promote the corporate brand-building, the business sector has also established contact with the enterprise fixed-point system, key enterprises with individual responsibility and initiative to come to provide enterprises with licenses record theoretical guidance, the actual operation, materials declaration, the program starts and other full service, help enterprises to declare provincial famous trademark, and striving for well-known trademarks in China. According to statistics, Jiashan Wood Industry already has a registered trademark of 201, of which three well-known trademarks in China, Zhejiang famous brand 2, municipal famous trademarks 8. Jiashan this year, was also named "National Wood Flooring capital."