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The first half of October 2009, Dongguan Mu Fang Industrial
Release time:2017-08-25 17:03:12
    Fang Material Market: Market chain sales down, South America, light wood log southern 
    Domestic Material: Paulownia amount of product prices stable, the other Fang timber sales decline. The first half of October, subject to double the impact of holiday, including the Northeast timber, southwest wood materials and a variety of Fang's business suffered from varying degrees of decline, while the Paulownia Fang timber and puzzles remain at September levels, rise and fall is not significant. Industrial tenants timber market introduction, during the holiday season, domestic demand for wood has been reduced, turnover decreased; until the Festival, the market volume slightly. Looking ahead, with the growing economic situation improved and the arrival of the traditional peak season, domestic sales of wood Fang should be gradually increased. Recently, the domestic material costs remain stable, there is no market price fluctuations, such as (1-2.6) m × 4/5/8/10cm of Paulownia unified goods report 2000-2300 yuan / m3, (0.7-1.2) m × 0.98m × 0.12 mm, C-Paulownia puzzle reported 2,500 yuan / m3. 
    South America material: Light wood grand listing of new goods to fill the vacancies in the market a major. Over the past few years, the lack of light in Southern China Fang wood logs and wood, often led some enterprises to worry about supply. Now, with the Industrial market Medina Balsa Wood started to operate in South America, the problem will gradually be resolved. Medina Wood responsible person said, the company successfully into the purchase of light wood products and raw materials to ensure long-term supply to fill the timber market in southern China a big vacancy. Light wood (Pakistan Samut or balsa wood) grow fast and relatively loose material, is the world's lightest wood, weighing 80-120 kg / m3, can be used to make fishing gear, Muse, curtains, model aircraft, jewelry boxes , arts and crafts, sports equipment (such as the racket), etc. that require high flexibility and wood products. Light wood landing in southern China, will ease the shortage of light wood market pressures. At present, (0.8-1.2) m × (4-8) cm × (4-8) cm sheet of light wood Commission reported that 6800 yuan / m3. 
    African material: product sales fell slightly, the overall performance remained strong. Past two weeks, the African material Quotes little test a low sales volume is less than the same period last month, the level of popular wood species and the market price Fang remained stable. Industrial market, tenant introduction, the African material is the 2009 best-selling wood species, the market was doing well. By the end of September to now, the needs of the entire timber industry has Qudan, the African timber sales followed a slight decline, but the overall Quotes still more than other wood. The recent volatility will not be at the top of the African material Quotes, but because of holidays due to short-term impact of factors, I believe that with the economic recovery in Africa there will be growth in sales of timber space. Tenants also revealed that nearly half of the month, the prices of Africa's more stable material, and there will be no significant fluctuations in the short term. 
    Myanmar material: Market test a low slightly, Fang material prices were mixed. Since the beginning in September, due to tight supply, supply and demand imbalance and other factors, Myanmar timber Quotes fluctuations, some species begin a new round of price adjustment, the amplitude in the 200-400 yuan / m3 between. Industrial market, tenant introduction, in the National Day around the timber demand decline, Myanmar timber sales chain down, the business attributable to flat. The Southwest Cheng, water melon and other species commonly used in the maintenance of the price of the stable situation for several months, after all the recent adjustments, such as Birch A Grade timber price per cubic down three or four hundred, quotes 4,400 ¥ / m3 or so, The top water-melon raised the price of 200-300 yuan / m3.